Ahh the sweet smell of being replaced

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Mother shot dead in Detroit bar after spurning man’s advances 



Where’s that quote again, that feminism makes men feel bad but that misogyny gets women killed?

Can we talk about how this woman is reported to have repeatedly told this man that she was not interested?

Can we talk about how she informed him that she was already taken even though, as has often been pointed out, a woman’s relationship status should not mean anything if she still tells someone NO?

Can we talk about how this man continued to harass her until he decided he didn’t like her answer and killed her for it?

Can we talk about how several other people were injured because this man couldn’t get it through his skull that this particular woman had utterly no interest in having sex with him?

Can we talk about how this group of family and friends who had just attended the funeral of someone else they lost must now the plan another funeral because a woman had the gall to turn down a man’s advances?

Can we talk about the three little boys who no longer have a mother?

And can we talk about the usual suspects on Tumblr, who often harshly decry misogyny and wave the great feminist flag so that women can be treated as equal and not mere sex objects, have been utterly mum on this incident? 

Or should we just wait until it’s a white man pulling the trigger and a white woman getting killed? Is that when we’ll talk about this?

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Haircut and 1000 days on T

Wahey! Little bit of positivity for my trans* pals <3 

He’s the cutest

Platonic relationships are great and all


but I prefer Socratic relationships



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on a scale of one to ten how ashamed do you think tumblr is to have the same logo font as toddlers and tiaras 


jesus christ

did u think i was lying

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Sound logic.

The logic of store decorators everywhere.

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when the PE teacher makes you run


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How I thought Guardians of the Galaxy will be:


How it actually was:image


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